About Confidelishly

About Confidelishly

Angie Lanigan- Registered Dietitian

Who Writes Confidelishly?

I’m Angie, a Registered Dietitian, mom, wife, and lover of melted cheese! I have been a Registered Dietitian since 2011. Helping patients/clients to determine how to improve their health is the best thing about my job. I enjoy teaching culinary skills classes, especially to children and teens. Prior to becoming a Dietitian, I worked in healthcare quality and improvement research.

I live in suburban Kansas City with my husband (Mr. Delish) and 3 children. Mr. Delish fixes all the things I break, cooks delicious food, and handles “life” things I hate (anything related to cars, smoke alarm batteries, and bank deposits). Our daughter, A, is a bright, compassionate, and, at times, a dramatic eight year-old. Our son, P, has great comedic timing and delivery for a six year-old. He has a sweet, helpful nature and loves his mama (one of my favorite things about him!). Baby C joined our family in Feb 2017. She is opinionated, courageous, and funny.

Delish Family

Why a Blog?

I don’t think there are enough places where women can be proud of ourselves (flaws and all). After many years of dealing with a loud inner critic, I have finally found some peace by approaching all the parts of myself I didn’t like with more compassion and love. I hope that this blog is a place where sharing challenges, successes, and insecurities will offer hope and solidarity with others looking to make healthier choices.

Read more about the start of my blog, HERE.

Will There Be Food?

Heck yes, there will be food here! I feel so lucky to say that I’m not the best cook in my house! Mr. Delish enjoys trying new recipes and never cares how big of a mess he creates. I tend to stick to time-tested and kid-approved meals. I prefer things that are simple, contain chicken, and take less than 30 minutes to prepare. I’ll be testing out recipes from some of my favorite people, other RDs, fitness professionals, health magazines, and a few of my own. I look forward to sharing my kitchen exploits with you!