Live Confidently. Eat Deliciously.

About Confidelishly

About Confidelishly

Angie Lanigan- Registered Dietitian

Who Writes Confidelishly?

I’m Angie, a Registered Dietitian, mom, wife, and lover of food, especially melted cheese! I don’t think there is enough places where women can be proud of ourselves (flaws and all). I spent a significant chunk of my life struggling with body image issues, self-doubt, and depression. My inner critic was loud and in charge. Therapy, parenthood, and a commitment to viewing myself with compassion has helped me shut down negative self-talk. I try to approach relationships with myself, food, my family and friends with love. I’m not perfect and issues creep up, but I don’t let my inner critic take over anymore.

I live in suburban Kansas City with my husband (Mr. Delish) and 3 children. Mr. Delish fixes all the things I break, cooks delicious food, and handles “life” things I hate (anything related to cars, smoke alarm batteries, and bank deposits). Our daughter, A, is a bright, compassionate, and, at times, a dramatic seven year-old. Our son, P, has great comedic timing and delivery for a five year-old. He has a sweet, helpful nature and loves his mama (one of my favorite things about him!). Baby C joined our family in Feb 2017. She is a sweet baby, loves snuggles, interested in the world, and a great nurser. We are all adjusting to everything that a baby brings!

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Sharing my journey with others and discussing my insecurities, successes, and struggles has been the best way to help me stay on track-mentally and emotionally. I’m a Registered Dietitian, but not an expert in much else. So, I’ll be interviewing women I admire to share insights and tips for living confidently and deliciously!

Read more about the start of my blog, HERE.

Will There Be Food?

Heck yes, there will be food here! I’m not the best cook in my house. I consider that to be basically a lottery win in the husband department. Mr. Delish enjoys trying new recipes and never cares how big of a mess he creates. I stick to time-tested and kid-approved meals. I prefer things that are simple, contain chicken, and take less than 30 minutes to prepare. I’ll be honest, dinner-time kid drama has zapped my enthusiasm for cooking. Part of my goal in writing this blog is to help me find joy in cooking and feeding my family again.

We eat mostly healthy foods, I’m a Dietitian after all. However, don’t let my job make you think that I don’t love a good treat. I never turn down a brownie, girl scout cookie, or Z-Man sandwich from Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. Suffice it to say, there is room for improvement in my family’s diet!  Another goal of mine in writing this blog and experimenting with these recipes is to find healthy, family-friendly recipes for meals and snacks and reduce convenience foods in our house.

I’ll be testing out recipes from some of my favorite people, other RDs, fitness professionals, health magazines, and a few of my own. I look forward to sharing my kitchen exploits with you!