Dietitian’s Dish with Bethany, the Kansas City Dietitian

Dietitian’s Dish with Bethany, the Kansas City Dietitian

I’m starting a regular feature, Dietitians Dish, where I’ll be asking Registered Dietitians about their favorite recipes and best advice about living confidently and eating deliciously. I’ll make their recipes, dish about what I liked, possibly add my own twist, and give you my family’s opinion.

I am going to kick off with my friend, Bethany, The Kansas City Dietitian. I’m starting with Bethany because she develops amazing recipes (and partially because she said yes!). I first planned to discuss advice and recipes in the same blog post, but her advice on Mindful Eating is so good and actionable that I knew it needed its own dedicated post. I don’t want humanity’s ever shortening attention spans preventing us from a) learning how we can use Mindful Eating to repair our relationship with food; or b) drooling over this delicious (and healthy) recipe.

OK, now that is out of the way, let’s talk food!!! People…her recipe for Quinoa Taco Bowl is DELICIOUS and EASY! It has all of my favorite things: it’s Mexican, not many ingredients, and isn’t labor-intensive (like, as in, I can nurse a baby while making it). SCORE!


I altered the recipe a tiny bit, because I like things spicy and I had no chicken. In the past, I haven’t been super impressed with quinoa, because I thought it had a boring flavor and an odd texture. Considering my love for Mexican food, I wanted to make sure I had lots of spice in my dish, so that it would be easy to ignore any texture issues. To do that, I browned the quinoa using chile infused olive oil and cooked it in chicken broth instead of water. I have found when a recipe says water or broth, go with broth. You won’t regret it. In this recipe, I also doubled the spices and added a bag of frozen corn when adding beans.

In my opinion, this recipe is a keeper. Here’s the great news, one kid LIKED it, the other kid LOVED it. Extra bonus, my neighbor kids also ate it. I gave it to the kids, as is, straight out of the skillet (after it cooled, of course). I served it to myself over romaine lettuce with guacamole and shredded monterey jack cheese. It was delicious and very filling.

Finding recipes with lots of fiber and protein are great for me right now because I am nursing. Fiber (beans, corn, quinoa) and healthy fats (guacamole) help me not head for the pantry an hour after dinner. I will definitely be adding this to my recipe repertoire. I found that it was a great addition to my salad. I’ve really been trying to eat more greens, but it get really boring to eat the same salad repeatedly. This was a great substitute for a protein like chicken.Quinoa Taco Bowl on salad.jpg

This recipe yields a lot. If my family loves a recipe, it’s a bonus if there are leftovers. I used them to make dinner the following night!  My neighbor sampled it and said, “I think this would be really good in stuffed peppers.” She was right. Come back tomorrow to find out how I turned Quinoa Taco Bowl into another meal!

If you are wondering where the recipe is located, it’s not here in full on my blog. This is for your own good. You NEED to check out all the other recipes on her website! But, don’t go to her website until you finish here on my blog!!


I mentioned that this recipe has a large yield, so I’ve started a list of how I have used leftovers.

  • Layer with cheese on a tortilla in a quesadilla
  • Mix with grilled onions and pepper strips.

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