I’ve Got This…or Maybe Not, It’s Been a Tough Week

Friends, I’ve had a tougher week than normal. On Monday, Baby C got a little sick. Three days ago, I got stuck while bending over to pick up something off the floor (dang you, heavy baby car seat!) Yesterday, my son pooped on the floor of a public restroom and I accidentally left a dirty diaper in our van overnight. Today, my seven year-old told me I had black stuff on my face. Looking in the mirror, I discover it’s only dark circles. Seven year-old cringes and says, “Oh, I guess that’s not coming off.”

Everyone has a poop on the floor kind of week once in awhile.  On the bright side, it wasn’t my poop on any of my floors. But, I’ve dealt with all these crazy things by myself.

Mr. Delish sometimes has to travel. Since he’s been doing this for ten years, I like to think I perfected the art of managing two kids with no one to relieve me in the evenings. I try not to complain, because I know I am lucky among the ranks of people who are momming or dadding on their own (yes, I know those aren’t real words). I’m not a single mom. Mr. Delish comes home on weekends. His profession isn’t dangerous. Mostly, I also know it’s hard on him to be away from our family, even though I joke about his “workcations”.

I have certainly gotten used to Mr. Delish being away from home, but I’ve been spoiled for the past two years. Mr. Delish has mostly worked out of his office in our fair city. He’s been helping coach A’s soccer team, teaching P the right way to handle a hockey puck, and smooching on Baby C. I will even go so far as to say that I’m thankful to fight him for the remote. However, a Minnesota power plant calls and he must go.

As with everything in life with kids, once you feel like you master some parenting challenge, you get a curve ball. Mine is in the form of a smiley, chubby-cheeked, four month-old. It’s not that she is difficult per se but managing a nap schedule for a girl who wants/demands snuggling isn’t as easy as I’d like while forcing two other kids to do something other than watch TV.

During my entire pregnancy, I pretended that life would go on as usual after the baby came. I’d be able to do everything that I was doing before the baby, no problem. While that has mostly been true, I’ve given up a lot of “me time”. I’m not complaining about losing that time, I’d do it a million times over for this sweet face.


Baby C

However, I was using that time to work out, read a book, spend a night out with friends, or take a dang nap. Those are things that really help me cope with life. I might just deal with everyday life stresses, but momming, working, and being kind to yourself can be hard. My three cuties certainly don’t stop me from doing those things, but it’s definitely more difficult with a baby and a traveling husband.

I know that regular exercise is a key component to my stress management. I fell in love with fitness because it helps me feel better about myself, treat my family better, and be in much better overall mood. Not having the same consistent exercise routine seems to have the opposite effect on me. Needless to say, it’s been good times around here this week.

Tomorrow is a new day!

I hope this post does not come across as a “woe is me” complaint. My intention is to admit that I’m struggling and that’s ok. I obviously can’t get back into the gym until I’m not in pain. But, I can’t use that as an excuse to be in a bad mood. I can’t get down on myself for not losing baby weight fast enough. Recently, I had a great conversation with my friend, Amy, from Beloved Body about self-compassion. Many times this week, I’ve thought about what we discussed about parenting, post-baby bodies, and being able to live the life you want. I can’t wait to finish up my post about our conversation! I wish that my week wouldn’t have literally been so crappy or it would be up right now.

Also, I’m perfecting a new Asian-inspired noodle bowl recipe. It wasn’t quite right when I made it last week. Stay tuned.  I think the tweaks I planned will make this recipe as delish as I know it can be.

I’d also love to hear about any of your public restroom mishaps with (or without) kids. Please make me feel better about the frequency of our family’s problems in public restrooms!

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