Kitchen Confessions: Cooking Isn’t Fun Anymore!

Kitchen Confessions: Cooking Isn’t Fun Anymore!

I’m not saying that cooking can never be fun or that it wasn’t fun for me in the past. It’s just not fun for me now. Today, I cook for some tiny humans that do a lot of complaining. Cooking also takes a long time and makes a big mess. All of those things drain whatever energy I have left at 5 pm everyday, so I am less and less willing to try anything new or different. Honestly, I’m down to cooking about six recipes, in addition to the amazing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I’m willing to put together.


Can you believe that I subscribed to Cooking Light for two years, but only made TWO recipes from the magazine? I have been staring at back issues in my bathroom for months and feeling like a failure. It just seems like too much work to try something new. I have to, you know, like read the instructions and buy the ingredients ahead of time. Usually, I just make something with what we have on hand, i.e., tortillas and shredded cheese. or I heat something up that I bought at Costco.

If you read the About page, you know that my husband, Mr Delish, does a lot of cooking in our house. It think cooking is like a puzzle to him. He watches Food Network and recreates interesting dishes. He has spent about five years trying to perfect a white queso dip. I definitely appreciate this quality about him and take full advantage of the test queso sample. However, this will never be the type of anecdote that my kids will use to describe what a crazy and annoying mom I was (don’t worry-they’ll have plenty of other ammo). First, I don’t have the patience or (kitchen) grit to keep attempting recipes that don’t have happy results. Second, I need to be awarded “gold stars” for my efforts, so listening to my family complain is just like kryptonite. Third, I’m just not creative in the kitchen.

Part of the purpose of starting this blog is to help me overcome these challenges. I know that cooking at home will mean that we’re eating healthier and cheaper. I’m in favor of both!

I hope that I have fun cooking, but I do know that I will love photographing and writing about it! I plan to review recipes from friends, magazines, and cookbooks.

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